Workshop: Journaling

As for the future, it is a blank book better written day by day, as, if you jump ahead of yourself you may write a story that is inferior to the one already unfolding in real time — in doing so keeping your life smaller than what it may have been.

Resources: Book List

Find resource books here to help you on your healing path. All Titles added were available at time of posting – prices and availability are subject to change without notice – please let us know if you notice changes before we do, so we can update our resource book list for you. Now: A$22.84 Was: A$36.99 You save:…

Set your Intention – Strengthen your Spirit

The Principles and precepts of Reiki are beautifully simple, easy to follow and can be slipped unobtrusively into daily life – we share similar versions here – they be used as they are or can be edited (by you) to suit you


The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn I think I was probably in my early 20’s when first introduced to Florence. It was she who would send my on a lifelong search for wisdom, and was the first to make me understand that all I was seeking I would find within. An American artist and book…

How to Use Symbols

Support Healing with Symbols: easy techniques to support your own healing and that of those you love and care for. Recommended for all the wonderful carers of the world: whether you care for children, the elderly or those recovering from injury or illness. These are wonderful tools and techniques to help support healing in mind, body and spirit.

Let’s talk about healing!

There are many different perceptions about healing and what it is which sounds more complicated than it actually is.

10 Benefits of drinking Lemon Water

Here at My Quiet Room we are big on committing to a daily Practice! Why? Focusing on a morning ritual can jump-start your day in the right way.

Living Well – by the beach!

Wellness Tip: 
Needed a few more reasons to make a sea change? If you aren’t already a coastal dweller – read on! Living by the Beach is simply good for your health!